Mike Neal Arabian Center is a premier equine facility offering professional services including the sales and marketing of world-class Arabian horses. With over 30 years of experience in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and the Middle East, Mike Neal Arabian Center has a global network of buyers and sellers of top quality horses.

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Congratulations to the Hollewell Family on their recent purchase of Razcal Flatts from ACL Partnership.

Congratulations to Candy and Larry Larsen on the recent purchase of Major Promotion from breeder/seller Jennifer Patterson.

MNAC was happy to help both of these horses find great new homes!!

Congratulations to Anwar Hamadallah of Saudi Arabia, on the recent purchase of NW Fancy Shaklan for sellers Pat and Darlene Collins of Minnesota. Thank you to agents Brad and Holli Gallun.

Gia Versace

Congratulations to John Code on the purchase of Gia Versace.

Az Thyme Goes By

Congratulations to Ms. Chen Hua Fang of Zhejiang, China on her purchase of the mare Az Thyme Goes By and seller Jennifer Bird of Texas.

Marwans Miss Madeline

Congratulations to Delsan Arabians, Carol and Nancy DeLisi on their purchase of Marwans Miss Madeline and to sellers Pate and Laurie Stueber.

PS Painted Lady
Congratulations to new owners Donna and Henry Meierotto and Family on your acquisition of this wonderful mare!

Concerto In E Major
Congratulations to new owners Melissa and Aaron Becker and sellers ACL Partners!

Exemplar BMF
Congratulations to new owner Nikki Burns and seller ACL Partners!

GJR Dakars Mercury
Congratulations to new owner Natalie Rinaldo and seller William George Agency for Children!  Special thanks to Sara Huizinga.

Marwans Silhouette
Congratulations to new owners John Code and Greg Lymer and seller ACL Partners!

Meisters Tribute +//
Congratulations to new owners the Castle/Davis Family and seller Chaos Arabians!

Sadn Alenaya
Congratulations to new owner Tarig Enaya and sellers Sheri Pilcher and Barbara Burton!

Congratulations to new owner Ron Nicholes and sellers Patrick and Darlene Collins!

Titleist KMN
Congratulations to new owner Sheri Boito and seller ACL Partners!

Fashion Major CFS
Congratulations to new owner Robin Canfield and seller Carol Seidman!

Major Sensation DJ
Congratulation to new owner Jennifer Brown and seller ACL Partners.  Special thanks to Alexis Scott.

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